New York, NY

A collaboration between Daniel Arsham and Snarkitecture, Dig explores the architecture of excavation. The gallery space at Storefront for Art and Architecture was filled with a solid volume of EPS architectural foam, engulfing the existing interior in a flood of white.

Daniel Arsham created and inhabited Dig by carving spaces from solid infill using simple tools – hammers, picks and chisels. A cavernous entrance opened into the solid form, inviting viewers to witness the physical excavation and transformation of an industrial stock material.

Dig explores the intersection of primitivism and contemporary architecture. The complexity of the final surfaces and form suggesting a digital origin, rather than one achieved entirely by hand. At the close of the installation, the material was returned to the manufacturer and recycled into rigid foam insulation. Dig was initially commissioned by Storefront for Art and Architecture, in New York City.

Photos by Peter Ash Lee