A Memorial Bowing
Miami, FL

A Memorial Bowing commemorates the Orange Bowl Stadium, home of the Miami Hurricanes football team for over seven decades until it was demolished in 2008. Using the former stadium’s iconic MIAMI ORANGE BOWL sign, letters are reconstructed at their original ten-foot height and scattered throughout the east plaza of the Marlins Ballpark. The title of the work, "A Memorial Bowing," is an anagram of the original sign.

The position of the lettering captures an ambiguous moment between ruin and rebuilding; while some letters stand upright, others appear to be partially submerged in the ground. As visitors move through the plaza, new alignments are created among the letters, spelling out different words as the new stadium is reframed through historical fragments.

This artwork is part of the collection of Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places program, made possible with the support of the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners.

Photos by Noah Kalina