The Beach

The Beach is an interactive installation that reimagines the familiar natural and cultural elements of a day at the beach, to create an unexpected and memorable experience for people of all ages. Visitors ascend a ramp before entering an all-white enclosure, where the floor descends towards the highlight of the experience – an ocean of over one million recyclable, antimicrobial plastic balls. A pier extends out into the ‘sea’, allowing people to stand in the center of the space and watch others, while an island invites exploration and discovery. Visual cues such as deck chairs, lifeguard chairs, umbrellas, and signage recall elements of the typical beach-going experience.

Initially commissioned in 2015 by the National Building Museum in Washington DC, The Beach has traveled to Tampa, Florida; Sydney, Australia for The Sydney Festival; Paris, The Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, France; Bangkok, Thailand; Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan. Everyday materials, including scaffolding, paneling, and mirrors are used to allow for economical and sustainable re-installation of the project at venues around the world.

Photos by Noah Kalina