Why Patterns
Jonah Bokaer x Snarkitecture

A collaboration with choreographer Jonah Bokaer, Why Patterns is a performance in which the visual design emerges from a single table tennis ball that is introduced into a frame on stage, initiating a series of choreographed games. Unpredictable results trigger events that flood the stage with thousands of balls, which are manipulated by the movements of the dancers as the square frame is collapsed.

Originally commissioned by Dance Works Rotterdam, Why Patterns had its U.S. premiere at the Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival on August 3, 2011.

Click here for video.


Choreography: Jonah Bokaer
Stage design: Snarkitecture
Music: "Why Patterns" by Morton Feldman (1978)
Additional Music: ARP / Alexis Georgopoulos (2011)
Lighting design: Aaron Copp
Costumes: Richard Chai
Dancers: CC Chang, James McGinn, Irena Misirlic, Adam H. Weinert
Catapult: Timothy Stanley