Artist Residency
Miami FL

An intervention into a former restaurant supply warehouse forms the home for LegalArt's new live/work artist residency program in Miami, Florida. The residency was designed to leave prominent moments of the original structure untouched while enclosing others to define specific areas - drywall partitions float away from concrete walls, columns, and beams to form space for the seven live/work artist studios that comprise the first phase of this project. A communal "living room" is anchored by a large, open kitchen on one end and a ping-pong table on the other (that doubles as a surface for dining and meeting), providing a comfortable space for artists to live, work, interact and socialize. The wall separating the private live/work studios from the shared area is perforated by large apertures, giving artists the opportunity to create an open studio environment or a solitary refuge for working.

The second floor of the building contains the LegalArt administrative offices and a flexible event space for meetings, gallery shows and seminars. The two areas are separated by a reference library created by a series of rotating, translucent bookcases that, while in their open position allow light from the west facing windows to filter into the rest of the space during office hours, yet pivot to form a secure closed wall during openings and events. The arrangement of spaces allows for an open area for the collective exchange of ideas as well as secluded areas for private legal discussions.