Goal Posts
Public Art
Miami FL
2012 (Completion)

Designed to commemorate the former Orange Bowl, the work re-imagines the two field goal posts that stood at either end of the stadium. While the Orange Bowl boasts a prominent position in the cultural history of Miami, it ultimately was best remembered as a home for football – the Miami Dolphins, the University of Miami Hurricanes, five Super Bowls, and eight decades of Orange Bowl games. Suspended above the end zones, the goal posts bookended the field itself while standing watch over all of these events. The bright yellow uprights are immediately recognizable to everyone, even when extracted from their former context and placed on the site of the new Marlins ballpark.

In the absence of the football field, the two goalposts are brought together to create a gateway framing the new Marlins Ballpark. The formerly vertical uprights bend around one another in an embrace that is simultaneously solemn and celebratory, remembering both the loss of the Orange Bowl and the extraordinary events fans experienced at this historic landmark. The destruction of the stadium has been reinterpreted into a creative act.

For those familiar with the Orange Bowl and its history, the marker stirs an existing memory, bringing the visitor back to that place in time. For those visiting the site for the first time, the marker is designed to trigger questioning of why football field goal posts are located outside of a baseball stadium. In this question is the beginning of a conversation between young and old, locals and visitors, Hurricanes fans and non-fans, and current and future generations as the collective memory of the Orange Bowl is passed on.