Miami FL
2010 (Concept)

Curtain is an architectural intervention into the lobby of the Stephen P. Clark Government Center. Surrounding the escalators that lead to the courtrooms and public assembly hall on the second floor, Curtain descends from this double height space and appears to wrap the escalators in an undulating form that allows glimpses into and through its folds. Moments where the form is raised allow people to walk within the surrounds of the curtain and access the escalators, while areas where the form is dropped nearly to the floor create moments where both visitors and the existing architecture are concealed and revealed by the drapery.

Made entirely from reinforced fiberglass, Curtain oscillates between a form in motion and one suspended in time. Appearing as a familiar object in an unfamiliar context, its condition of being simultaneously flowing and rigid is designed to give pause to viewers as they reconsider their relationship with the surrounding environment and architecture. A continuous light cove rings the inside of the curtain, illuminating its surfaces to a bright white and bringing light into the surrounding area at the center of the lobby.