Snark Busters, October 2010
By Shonquis Moreno

In an Odin Fragrances pop-up shop this June, the product became a product display. On a leafy Manhattan block, Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen of Snarkitecture sculpted  a monochrome interior that abstracts the company's familiar black scent bottle and plants the all- white replicas - made from plaster-like gypsum cementer - on stalks that grow from the floor and cables that float from the ceiling.
As in their habit, the two men made the existing architecture perform in an unexpected way. 'Opting for a counter-intuitive move,' Mustonen says, 'we made an already small space even smaller by dropping this suspended landscape from the ceiling to a point where a portion of the space can be entered only by a child or by someone crouching.'
While the installation filled almost all the available store space, Snarkitecture countered the density of all those bottles with a big glazed store front, a white-on-white interior and a mirrored rear wall. The end result? A little like Alice falling down the rabbit hole.