TIME FOR A CHAT?, October 2010

Alex Mustonen, co-founder of Snarkitecture with Daniel Arsham, is one of the speakers at Design Miami’s Design Talks. Here he tells us about the evolution of his studio and his collaboration with Grey Area.

Snarkitecture operates in a space that is at the same time art, architecture,performance and design. Was this always the mission, or did the studio evolve to this point?

Snarkitecture is neither art nor architecture. We didn't really conceive of the practice as a multidisciplinary studio, but that idea was partly latent given our respective backgrounds in art and and architecture. Our original discussions were largely about identifying sites within architecture that could be misrecognized or repurposed to create unexpected moments. These ideas about making architecture perform in unexpected ways have led us to consider questions about object or stage design through this lens of architectural confusion.

Do you view Grey Area as a platform that makes your work more accessible?

The model that Manish [Vora] and Kyle have created offers a kind of parallel to our practice in that they are interested in exploring the grey areas between disciplines. While we have not worked with production objects before, Grey Area offers the possibility for our smaller edition and custom objects to reach a wider audience.