Installation: Odin New York Fragrances and Home Fragrances, June 2012

Odin New York launches their First ever pop-up shop with art installaton in New York in collaboration with Snarkitecture. Odin New York continues to expand their lifestyle brand with the launch of their Snarkitecture pop-up shop, allowing customers to fully experience the product and its packaging in a carefully designed space. The brand is made up of a complete library of six unisex scents and four candles that evoke the exoticism of travel and a modern approach to time-honored fragrance traditions. The pop-up shop aims to showcase the well-considered design of these products by inverting the darkness of the packaging resulting in a bright, clean space. The clean, monochromatic lines and black on black motif illustrate the relationship between minimalist-inspired design and balance of masculine versus feminine. Snarkitecture responded by creating a polar opposite in all white and emphasized the bottle by casting replicas in white plaster for the pop-up shop. This sculpture is the focal point of the shop as it snakes from the front of the store to the back, up the wall and on to the ceiling. This results in a light, clean design that highlights a display in the center of the shop consisting of the plaster molds of the Odin New York fragrance bottle.